Le Grand Finale: A Beautiful Mess x Eyes + Lips

And voila the final piece in my “daily look” segment. The A Beautiful Mess App made all my so-so iPhone photos look really well thought out, so I’m pretty stoked!

Anyways, I broke this segment up into 3 pieces: Eyeshadow, Lashes + Brows, & Lips!

Eyeshadow: My eyeshadow is honestly the only thing I do makeup wise that I can be like "UM IM THE BEST"…because I actually am. I am a big fan of using 3 eyeshadows fading from dark on the outside of my crease/eyelid into a light/bright/illuminating color at the inner points of my eyes. To achieve this look I use:

1)Urban Decay Primer Potion primer in Sin (center): I have been using this primer for 5 years now and it is definitely the best. It is a sheer, lightweight primer that doesn’t clump or get too mushy, and it comes in a variety of shades: Original (neutral), Eden (tan), Greed (gold), and Sin (champagne)

I use the champagne color because it adds a hint of sparkle to my shadow, and keeps that shit in place! I’m talking post-Nicholas Sparks/Notebook-movie-marathon in place. I’m talking wear-makeup-to-the-pool in place. You get it. It’s eyeshadow cement.

On top of it’s amazing quality, the primer potion comes in a variety of sizes, and lasts FOR-EVER, so it’s less of a risky purchase if you’re spending $9 on a travel size (this lasted me about 6 months of daily use), instead of $20 on a full size (I’ve had my current full size for over a year)

2)MAC pressed frost-finish eyeshadows in Paradisco + Cranberry
These shadows are a little pricey at $15, a piece, but previously I was using similar colors from the L’oreal HIP eyeshadow duos ($8.25 each), but I was only using half of each L’oreal pallete, which to be entirely honest just took up waaaaay too much space for so little product. Switching to the MAC compacts gave me a little bit more product (.05 oz vs. .04 oz), and a lot more room in my makeup bag. 

I use the Cranberry color to line the outer corners of my lid, and the Paradisco to blend towards the middle. Paradisco is a pigmented color, but it blends well with my skintone, allowing it to subtly highlight my eye look.

3) NARS “Etrusque” Gold Eyeshadow (tester shown above)To fill in my inner eyelids, I use NARS “etrusque” shadow. This gold shadow is freakin’ amazing. It glides onto my lids ever so smoothly, and is an ultra pigmented  soft gold color. An old friend used to get NARS testers from her hairdresser, and hooked it up with one of these bad boys after my NARS “goldfinger” gold shadow ran out. I’ve had the shadow, and used it regularly. Coming with .07 oz and retailing for $24, this shadow isn’t the WORST bang for your buck, but it is definitely a premium product.

Application: I apply the Cranberry with the rounded end of my Revlon smoky eye duo brush, the Paradisco with my small Tony & Tina crease brush, the NARS Etrusque with my all over Tony & Tina brush, and blend the whole shebang from the outer eyelid into my inner eyelid using the no-name Target rounded brush as pictured above + the small crease brush. 

Next, let’s move to Lashes + Brows:

For my lashes and eyebrows, I’m all about Maybelline. I’ve talked about Benefit having awesome mascara, but at the moment I am rocking a classic: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black  for my eyelashes and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear  for my eyebrows. 

These products are solid products, and have been forever, and are SUPER affordable! I think they cost me $7 each. Since mascara is a product I plan to throw away every 3 months, I am not looking to spend more than $10-$12, and Maybelline has always been there for me! Not to mention, saying the mascara color I use is called “Blackest Black” makes me feel like a bond girl.

Brow gel is something I recently got into, and I have to say I love it! It keeps my brows in place, and always feels like the finishing touch my eye makeup needs.

The final final piece of my everyday makeup look is my LIPS!

For most of my life, I thought lipstick was only something you wore at special occasions, but as I entered my 20’s I began to notice lipstick becoming an every day accessory that almost differentiates the “I give a shit” type of girls from the sloppy eyeliner types. Thus, I went on a quest to find the perfect everyday lipstick, and discovered MAC’s Cherish lipstickwhich I also got for $FREE.99 by trading in empty compacts! (click to read that story) .

Once I found my perfect lipstick, I needed to find a versatile lip liner. I think lip liner is tacky, but the internet is always telling me to use lip liner, so I caved. Fortunately, E.L.F just opened a store in the East Village, and while I do not like their face makeup or eyeshadow, I am totally stoked on their lip products! I use the E.L.F. Lip Lock Pencil ($3) as my clear lipliner. $3 is an investment I can feel confident in, especially when It keeps my lipstick a-stickin’!

Well, that’s all folks!  I hope you enjoyed this 3 piece overview of my daily face and products I use. I had a lot of fun piecing it all together, ESPECIALLY with the Beautiful Mess App.

I’m excited to be off the road and posting more for you!