New Goodies: Z Palette

I know I have seriously been M-I-A the past few weeks in beauty blog land, and I hope you can forgive me…honestly, it’s been to freakin’ hot here in NYC for me to even think about makeup…much less wether or not I have any remote beauty happenin’…

With that being said, nothing will get you out of a beauty funk like a bunch of new makeup! The other night, I went to hang out with my friend Nessa, who happens to work in the cosmetics industry, and she let me raid her “giveaway” pile which resulted in me taking home a trick-or-treat sized bag of new makeup, skincare, and beauty products.

While I was pratically racing home to slather some discontinued NARS “Gold Member” creme blush on my cheeks, I started thinking about where I was going to put all these new products. Half of them were in tester packaging, and were not about to fit into my tiny makeup case.

After trying to consolidate these products to the best of my ability (aka, not at all), I turned to google to see if I could find some empty compacts for these puppies. NARS doesn’t make any empty compacts, and there were none on ebay…unless I was using MAC products, I was pretty much SOL….unless of course, I got a Zpalette, or made my own!

A Zpalette is essentially an empty palette with a magnetic bottom that allows you to de-pot all your favorite compacts and stick them in one easy to use, totally custom palette. 

After trying to DIY something out of foamcore and an old book, and ending up with jagged lines and too much duct tape, I headed to Alcone in midtown and picked up a Zpalette for myself. 

20 minutes and 20 depotted tins later, I have literally all of my eyeshadows in one “pro” sized Zpalette and way more space in my makeup drawer.

For $20-something dollars and no more ugly plastic tester cases to haunt my everyday routine, I am one happy lady!